Saturday, November 20, 2010

Work Work Work!

Got a few projects on the horizon.. One will be due by Dec. 7/ Cataclysm Release. Did some sketching and have somewhat finalized on the outfit this character will be wearing.. it's a simple ensemble.. but given the budget.. there's not more I could offer.

So I made some latex goblin ears to go with this outfit, but I still have to acquire some body paint to make this complete. I may try and pump a second costume out by then.. I wish I had unlimited funds.. would make everything so much easier.

On a personal costume note.. it seems Burlesque style keeps coming back to me.. lol  Fortunately I have more time to get this design finalized.. It's for a double birthday party, think.. Moulin Rouge meets Vampire.. and that's more or less what I'm working with. I hope it comes out nice :D I may end up trying to sell that one when its finished.

That's all for now.. Need to work more..

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Trying to find wonderflex. Can't find it anywhere.

 I really would prefer to try and use that instead of resign & fiberglass.. If anyone can help point the way, I would be grateful!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Creative Touch

I had a conversation today with one of my best friends growing up and as we were talking about my new found venture, we came to the same conclusion that I need to step out of pre-made designs and make my own. I had that thought in my head for a while, but the complication was how to get the exposure I needed just doing my own work. In other words, you see my costumes, and they all (save for one) relate to World of Warcraft or Diablo. This is all well and good, but the reason I took this route of creating pre-existing costumes, was for the recognition; it was my way of saying to the world "Look what I can do with this!" and then show what else I was capable of designing. In a way, my current path is part of a loosely laid, yet so far effective plan.

So what's next? Well, it's in the works. I'm beginning a careful process of getting the essentials taken care of so I can fully pursue my dream without any hitches. It's not going to be easy and I don't expect it to happen over night. But I'm not going to give up. When something doesn't work out, I have to adapt and change my game plan.

I've started drawing again and I'm digging up my old sketch books.. believe it or not I used to have entire sketch books filled with fashion designs.. I'm going to tap into any and all inspirations and I'm going to make this happen. This is what I'm passionate about. This is what I loose sleep over (in a good way).

I will make this happen.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trial & Error

Had my first successful run with latex casting these last few days. Still  not 100% satisfied with the finished look, but I've been able to consult a friend about the process I've been using, and plan to tweak it so that I get a more polished appearance.

I'm planning to gauge if the process + materials used will be worth me making multiple sets of the soon to be revealed product for costume use. If so, I plan on selling  them on the side at a competitive price for everyone. We'll see!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First stitch..

Hello and welcome to my costuming blog. My name is Lorraine Torres and I'm currently best known for my creation of the Mistress of Pain costume featured at Blizzcon 2009 and 2010. I'll be posting about events, completed projects (with the clients permission), and techniques I have experimented with to create costumes and props.

Currently I'm preparing for Blizzard Entertainment's release of World of Warcraft's next expansion: Cataclysm; which features Goblins and Worgen as the two new playable races and Deathwing - the brand-spankin' new enemy dragon aspect. Partnered with the University of Central Florida Game Stop, I indent to host and awesome game release Monday, December 6th starting 11pm until 3am. Featured at this event will be 4 costumes representing both Horde and Alliance factions and a surprise 5th costume that I'm currently producing specifically for the event.  If you're local, hope to see you there!