Saturday, November 20, 2010

Work Work Work!

Got a few projects on the horizon.. One will be due by Dec. 7/ Cataclysm Release. Did some sketching and have somewhat finalized on the outfit this character will be wearing.. it's a simple ensemble.. but given the budget.. there's not more I could offer.

So I made some latex goblin ears to go with this outfit, but I still have to acquire some body paint to make this complete. I may try and pump a second costume out by then.. I wish I had unlimited funds.. would make everything so much easier.

On a personal costume note.. it seems Burlesque style keeps coming back to me.. lol  Fortunately I have more time to get this design finalized.. It's for a double birthday party, think.. Moulin Rouge meets Vampire.. and that's more or less what I'm working with. I hope it comes out nice :D I may end up trying to sell that one when its finished.

That's all for now.. Need to work more..

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