Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tier 11 Mercurial Vestments

After much deliberation I have decided to share what I'm working on for BlizzCon 2011; Tier 11 Mercurial Vestments from World of Warcraft.

I came to this decision after seeing how far along I was. Basically, at this point, if I don't get this done by BlizzCon, I'm a super slacker; no excuses.

I invite anyone wanting to take a look at progress shots to visit my Facebook fan page. I don't intend on posting to until after its completion.

I have other costumes on my personal "to-do" list, but I want to approach them with a solid financial backing so I don't have to stop abruptly at any point during production.

With the Tier 11 set, I'm discovering (as always) new techniques and more efficient methods of construction. This costume is primarily made from cloth, has a few hard armor pieces and lighting. I would say the greatest challenge so far has been the wave pattern that is found on the trim of the hood, shirt and skirt.. Although it doesn't appear complex at first glance, I'm had to hand cut every single inch of those waves, go back and carefully sew them on following the wave pattern and hand beading hundreds of tiny crystal beads (currently working on the hood with that last one). With regards to this detail alone, I am incredibly thankful I have until October. 
Most of the gold trim you see will be hand made by me using a painted latex compound, and all the crystal-like portions will be custom made by myself using a resin blend. 

Thus far, the shirt, hood and skirt have received most of my attention, but are not complete yet. 

On the commission side of the house, I'm hoping to start with the new project soon. I really think this is going to be an excellent break for my work. I hope to be living in California soon too (provided a certain job prospect works out) and furthering my experience in costuming. All signs are pointing west for me.. and I'm not going to let anything stop me. 


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